Eastwell History Group

17th August 2013

Lord Granby’ was on display for the first time at the 20th annual Eastwell Fete in the grounds of 17th century Eastwell Hall LE14 4EJ.  Its presence attracted a large audience some of whom travelled a substantial distance.  Eastwell History Group gained a number of excellent contacts as a result.  These contacts will be helpful in determining the conservation strategy as they bring skills and expertise that were not previously available to us.

The loco was displayed with the tank and chimney fitted but without the open cab.

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1st September 2013

The open day for Lord Granby took place at Crossroads Farm, Eastwell LE14 4EF, courtesy of Mr and Mrs Alan Hewson.  Eastwell History Group had no idea what to expect in terms of numbers and felt that 75 would be good and 150 the height of our expectations.  Thanks to a lovely day and great support from local press and radio no fewer than 300 people attended from far and near.  Cream Teas were taken in the beautiful cottage garden and there was real ale from local brewer Medieval Beers.  Visitors took advantage of the good weather to view Lord Granby as well as, amongst others, a Brooklands Bentley, a beautifully restored Daimler Convertible, and several classic tractors including a 1950s Field Marshall diesel, a first edition grey Ferguson and a 1950’s Aveling Barford pavement roller.

Thanks to support from a generous tombola and the sale of Lord Granby T Shirts and Tea Towels the day resulted in the raising of over £1,000 for the restoration funds.  See the Melton Times report of the day .

DSCN0519 DSCN0520 DSCN0517

Surely the ultimate classic car.

Surely the ultimate classic car.

Queue for the popular hog-roast with Lord Granby looking on

Queue for the popular hog-roast with Lord Granby looking on

A Field Marshall with three faithful supporters

A Field Marshall with three faithful supporters

7th and 8th September 2013

Lord Granby’ appeared at the Harby Country Show and Vintage Working, LE14 4BL  and was well received.  We made more new contacts with promises of help and guidance.

13th February 2014

Graham Doyle the ‘Lord Granby’ project manager presented on ‘The Eastwell Quarries’ to a large audience at The Vale of Belvoir Machinery Group on 13th February. . We were made very welcome by the group and look forward to working with them in the future.

14th June 2014

Lord Granby was delivered to the new workshop where work on conservation of the locomotive  has started.  Anyone wishing to help with this please contact .

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9th May 2015

The first fundraising Steam Dinner was held at Eastwell Village Hall and attended by 59 supporters.  A good night was had by all and nearly £1,000 raised towards funds for the restoration of Lord Granby.





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