Hudswell Clarke No. 633 ‘Lord Granby’

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Photo courtesy of Joe Hewson                                                      Lord Granby at Eastwell Fete 2013

50/50 Fundraising Auction Saturday 23rd July – see ‘Events’ for more details

Eastwell History Group and ‘Lord Granby’

Eastwell History Group has embarked on a programme of conservation of ‘Lord Granby’, Hudswell Clark 0-4-0 saddle tank number 633.  This is part of a broader heritage programme for the ironstone quarrying village of Eastwell near Melton Mowbray, England.  It is an early step on what is expected to be a long journey. The left hand photo shows quarry workers with ‘Lord Granby’ in the incline yard at Eastwell, probably dating from the pre-First World War period. The locomotive still has the original unenclosed cab. Note also the earlier type of ore wagon.  Larger ‘trams’ with a capacity of around 30cwt. were introduced from late 1912, with the last of the older type being phased out during the early 1940s.’ The right hand photo shows Lord Granby in current condition with some indication of the work required to make it presentable. ‘Like’ our Facebook page to keep up to date with the progress of the Lord Granby restoration project –


2 thoughts on “Hudswell Clarke No. 633 ‘Lord Granby’

  1. The locomotive left Leeds in the early summer of 2013 in time for it to be shown at several summertime events in the locality around Eastwell. The loco is stored at a private location under cover and is being assessed as to it’s current physical condition prior to initial cleaning and component disassembly. The whole project is being undertaken in full partnership with Rocks by Rail,utilising their expertise and experience to carefully conserve as much of the locomotive as possible,and to sympathetically remanufacture those components known to be missing. Please keep watching this website as it develops,for further information will be posted here as and when the current investigations are complete. Once again thanks for your good wishes with the project-it will indeed be costly and we will need to start serious fundraising to further our plans.Any contributions would be gratefully received to this end and if you wish we could send you details of our “sponsor a component” scheme.The question of logging in will be put to the webmaster at our next meeting. Best regards. Allan Shaw-Project Team Member.

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