100 Club Appeal

Eastwell History Group needs all the support we can raise  – latest winners

The 100 Club draw for February 2017 was made at the Steam Dinner II event with the following results

  • February 1st prize £30 to Geoff Cawthorn.  2nd Prize £15 to Mandy Darby

Well done to you both

Our 100 Club is part of our major fund-raising activity.  Whilst much of the expenditure on Lord Granby is in the freely given time of our dedicated volunteers there are substantial funds needed for the refurbishment and replacement of parts.  We need tens of thousands of pounds to achieve our goal and so any support you are able to provide will be very much appreciated. 

From time to time members move away from the area or, more sadly, die and thus we need new members all the time.  100 Club shares are available to everyone at £5 per month and you can have any amount of them.  The draw for prizes is made at open meetings of Eastwell History Group.   Whilst prizes vary from month to month, through the year we repay at least 25% of the subscriptions in that year.  The remaining 75% or so is used for the conservation and restoration work on Lord Granby.

Please support us.  Shares can be purchased by one of the following methods

  • Setting up a monthly or annual banker’s order arrangement – the information is on the next tab.  When you have done that please send an email to 100Club@lordgranbyrail.org.uk with your name, address and the last four digits of your bank account number so that we can connect the details with your payment and make sure you receive the rewards your luck brings you.  Send the completed bankers order to your bank please, not to us.
  • Forwarding a cheque for £60 each year payable to Eastwell Heritage Projects to Eastwell History Group 100 Club, 2 Stathern Road, Eastwell, Melton Mowbray LE14 4EN.

You will then be allocated a numbered share which will go into the draw in the month following receipt of your payment . 

Please help us preserve our heritage – the next draw for both March and April will be on Wednesday 12th April at the Cold War presentation by http://www.upanatemhistory.com .  All shares subscribed before the end of March will be entered.  To make sure you are included in the April draw please subscribe before the end of March.


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